Ray Caukwell


From 2012-2013 I studied Web and Graphic design in an Ontario college. I have had an interest in graphic design since I was a child, and I was excited to begin this as a career.

After graduating from the college, I got a job working at a small web design office, where I worked on making virtual editions of the magazines the company published.

Later, I decided to take a course on teaching English as a foreign Language. I graduated from this course in 2015, and came to Russia in early 2016 to begin teaching at Simply English


While at Simply English, I have gained a lot of experience teaching different groups, of different levels. Some of these levels include

  • Pre-School English with very young learners

  • Children and teens

  • Speaking classes

  • Exam preparation (currently for the Russian National Exam and PET)

  • Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Adults

  • Private lessons for all ages


I have always enjoyed travelling, and have visited 19 countries so far, with more to come. Living in Russia is a new and interesting experience for me, and I am excited to be here. Being from an English speaking country has given me the ability to easily explore the world, and I want to help others get this same ability.